Become An IB

Turn Connections → To Commissions

When you sell like a Pro IB

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Earn Commissions up to–


$10 per lot


$2000+ in a month


$ Unlimited In years to come

Unlock Your IB Potential

Dedicated IB Area

Stay in control with real-time tracking and analytics in your dedicated account’s IB Area. Monitor the performance of your referrals, track commissions earned, and fine-tune your referral goals using our comprehensive tools.

Daily Commissions

Earn competitive commissions based on the trading activity of your referred clients. The more they trade, the more you earn every day – it’s that simple.

Transparent Partnership

Rest easy with our commitment to transparency in reporting. AdamCapitals operates within a robust regulatory framework, providing a secure trading environment that meets industry standards.

Lifetime Revenue

Build a steady income stream as your referred clients continue trading on AdamCapitals. With their potential for recurring trades, you keep earning for life!

Why Choose Us

Evolve Your Wallet Product
With Our Services

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Easy Communi

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Safe Funds

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Rising Profit

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Easy Exchange

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And It’s Easier Than You Think


Sign Up

You fill out our basic registration form. Our easy process ensures you get started as an AdamCapitals IB in no time!

Build Referrals

You gain access to personalized referral links that you can share across social media, email, or your website effortlessly!

Get Paid!

As your referral network becomes our client and starts trading, you sit and watch your network increase your net-worth!

Set Your Commission Goal


1000 USD
Total traded volume
100 lots
New clients with deposits


1500 USD
Total traded volume
150 lots
New clients with deposits


2000 USD
Total traded volume
200 lots
New clients with deposits


3000 USD
Total traded volume
300 lots
New clients with deposits


5000 USD
Total traded volume
500 lots
New clients with deposits


10000 USD
Total traded volume
1000 lots
New clients with deposits

We’ve Got Your Back

Compliance Support

Your security and compliance are our top priorities. We commit to adhering to financial regulations and guidelines, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment for you.

Personal Support

Our dedicated support team, including account managers and technical support, is here for you. Experience personalized assistance as we guide you through every step of your journey as an AdamCapitals IB.

Marketing Support

Access a wealth of marketing resources, including banners, promotional materials, and educational content. Let us support you in reaching a broader audience and maximizing your earning potential.

IB Terms & Conditions

IB stands for “Introducing broker” – a person or a company that refers clients to AdamFxCapitals Ltd and receives commission for their trading.

You should submit an IB application.

We pay up to 10$ per lot. The amount of IB commission payed is determined on a case by case basis.

Active client” denotes a client account which has cumulative personal funds of 100 or more USD in all their accounts, AND has at least five valid orders closed within the last 30 days before the current date.
IB commission is paid for valid orders only. A valid order is a trade compliant with ALL the following conditions:
  • The trade lasted for 180 or more seconds;
  • The difference between the open price and close price of the order equals or more than 30 points (pips in 4-digit precision terms);
  • The order was not opened or closed by means of partial close and/or multiple close by.
IB commission is credited to the partner account on a daily basis.
You can obtain promo materials by contacting us at .
You can promote your referral link and referral code on Forex-related websites and forums, in social media or even create your own website promoting our services.

Earn More Than Profits, Start Building A Fortune with AdamCapitals.