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What is Indices?

World indices are indicators of price changes for a certain group of securities. The stock exchange index can be explained as a “basket” of shares united by a common basis. Trading indices can be compared to opening positions on the courses of several dozen stocks at once.
The most important thing is determining the exact stocks or bonds each index is formed from. The set of shares included in the spot index value calculation determines the information that can be obtained by observing the dynamics of its course.
In general, the main purpose of world indices is to create a powerful indicator for investors to characterise the direction of companies’ quotes in a particular industry.


Studying the dynamics of major indices helps to understand the impact of certain events on the value of securities.
During trading indices, keep in mind that the reaction to the economic news published may not correspond with expectations and forecasts.
Trading indices is popular among AdamCapitals LTD traders due to its comprehensive terms, accurate quotes from several suppliers and versatile analytics. After all, in order to understand the logic of the index behaviour, you need to pay attention to the corporate news of each of the companies included, as well as on events affecting the wider industry as a whole.



Trade on basket of top shares representing the performance of a country’s economy. Choose from over 90 cash and forward indices instruments, including the UK 100, US 30 and Germany 30.


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